Sanjeevani Acoustic Life Detector


This equipment is very useful in Disastrous management situation. By using this equipment, we can detect the presence of life under the debris when building collapse, earthquake, bomb blast etc. take place. The hydrophones inside the detector detect the lives under the debris up to 2 ½ meter depth.

This equipment will be useful in police stations, fire station, municipal corporations, panchayats etc. This has got wide market, national and international. This product was commercially launched by Sri. A. K. Antony, Hon’ble Defence Minister on 24-11-2008.

Salient Features

The Sanjeevani - A Life detecting device designed to detect live human beings trapped under the debris of collapsed buildings or landslides during earth quake disaster, building/structural collapse, bomb blast, terror attack etc.

Very effective in detecting sound through air, through concrete or brick walls even when the source of sound is few meters away.


The device consists of an acoustic sensor probe head assembly, an Electronic control unit (ECU) with waist mounted nylon belt and a standard head phone set.

Can be used in dry as well as in wet environmental conditions, and the user can continue searching for the victims.

Designed to have high performance, reliability and sensitivity for continuous field use in any environment.

Very elegant design, light weight, easily portable and can be quickly set up in the field for use.

Can detect low frequency acoustic signals like hitting, tapping, scratching or moaning sounds made by the victims.

Provided with a LED display at the handle side to enable the operator to identify the victim’s location by the acoustic signal strength, and also this helps to deploy the device even during night time for continuing the search operation.

The probe head is about 40mm in diameter, and is made flexible for easy insertion into the gaps between the rubbles to locate the victim.

Can detect victim’s sound that is trapped under the debris at a distance of about 5 to 8 mtr from probe head below the debris.

Provided with a Head phone with desired volume control feature.

Technical Specifications

Model No

Probe Length

Communication Facility

Weight (kg)

Mark I

2 Mtr (Telescopic)

One way


Mark II

5 Mtr (Extendable)

One way


Mark III

10 Mtr (Extendable)

One way


Mark IV

5 Mtr (Extendable)

Two way


Mark V

10 Mtr (Extendable)

Two way


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