Excellent facilities for doing Projects and Mini Projects for students and professionals pursuing Engineering (, Science (MSc/BSc Electronics & Physics), Commerce (M.Com/B.Com) and Management studies (MBA/BBA/BBM).

The facilities include

1.Excellent Computer Lab with more than 30 independent systems with high speed internet connection.

2.Nominal fee.

3.Availability of professionals as faculties with years of experience in assisting, guiding, supervising and helping the students in completing various projects with ease.

4.Excellent locale to get used to the different functions of an industry.

5.Heads of Departments quite used to entertaining information seekers, ready to extend help and guidance.

6.Facilities for doing management projects in Production, Marketing, Materials, Finance, HR and Quality Control.

7.Pristine atmosphere with an abundance of trees all around on the shores of Bharatapuza.

8.Round the clock mess hall with healthy food at reduced rates.

9.Facilities for drinking water at every corner.

10.Round the clock security and a safe haven for teens.

11.Facilities for storage of personal belongings.

12.An amiable work force with years of experience behind, ready to clarify doubts and help complete surveys with no qualms.

13.The first choice of a lot of engineering and management institutes in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

14.Easily accessible by road and rail.


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