1.Stacking Press

2.LCR Meter with PC

3.Jigs and fixtures for stacking PZTs for UWT, Dual UWT, Hanet, Cylindrical Transducer Array, FT Transducers, Hydrophone with amplifier, Seismic Hydrophones etc

4.Jigs and Fixtures for the assembly of UWT, FT element, Hanet, Life Detector, Hydrophone Type`A&B’, Cylindrical Transducer Array, Hydrophone with amplifier & Seismic Hydrophones.

5.Audio Amplifier, Speaker system, PC, Oscilloscope, Function Generator, High  resistance Meter etc required for Testing Hydrophones in air.

6.Biasing set up.

7.Function Generator

8.Dynamic Signal Analyzer

9.Standard Hydrophone.

10.PCA  (precision Condition Amplifier)


12.Coupler calibrator

13.Analog and Digital Megger

14.Temperature controlled soldering station

15.Pressure Vessel – Max. pressure 60Kg/cm2

16.Pressure Vessel – 10Kg/ cm2

17.Vacuum vessel – for the assembly of Cylindrical Transducer Array, dual UWT,  and other   Active Transducers.

18.PV Bonding vessel – suitable for Dual UWT, Echo Sounder,  Hydrophones etc

19.Boot Expander

20.High Voltage Power Supply Unit

21.Baking Oven Vacuum Chamber with Boot Insertion facility

22.Super Dryer

23. L10 Power Amplifier

24.Ultrasonic Cleaner

25. Impedance Analyzer

26.Arbitrary Function Generator

27.Acoustic Calibration Tank (9mx6mx6m)

28.Rubber Moulding Press (15 Ton)

29.Rubber Moulding Press (30 Ton)

30.Digital Insulation Resistance Tester



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