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The company started functioning in the  year 1974. Production of  Disc Ceramic Capacitors was started during 1978.The company is also manufacturing NTC Thermistors    ( based on in house R&D), Metal Oxide Varistors, Piezo Ceramic Buzzers.

As a part of diversification, the company entered into the manufacture of custom built Transducers for NPOL and Indian Navy . The company has already executed Transducer orders worth Rs.901.52 lakhs during the period 2001-02 to 2008-09 and is envisaging a turn over of Rs.400 lakhs during the current   year 2009-10.

Besides NPOL , the company is associating with NSTL Vaisakh, NIOT Chennai, Cochin University of science and Technology (CUSAT) for Transducer  orders. The company is expecting good orders from the above agencies in future also.
Another break through in this field is the entry in BHARATH ELECTRONICS, Bangalore. The company has already received orders for Moulded Junction Box, HF Stave and LF Stave worth    Rs.75 Lakhs.